Retiring Boomers + Chronic Pain + Specialists Shortage

Our Story. I'm Dr. Michael Riley, founder of Renuva Back & Pain Centers. I spent the first ten years of my career building a multi-discipline practice and fighting with insurance companies. Then I discovered there is a growing demand for non-surgical and drug-free therapies for patients suffering from chronic pain and they are willing to pay out-of-pocket for innovative treatments that work. Now, instead of fighting insurance companies, I'm helping patients fight chronic pain. With Renuva, you can say goodbye to insurance companies too. Join us in fighting the chronic pain epidemic and we'll help you maximize your financial success.

The Opportunity

When treating pain, many options like medication and injections focus on managing the pain versus fixing the cause. So, it's no surprise Renuva's proprietary non-surgical and drug-free therapies, which address the cause of the pain, are quickly becoming the preferred choice for long-term pain relief.